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"The passengers are all Taiwanese and mostly older people," said Chen Chih-min from Taipei City fire department, which confirmed the crashed vehicle was a sightseeing tour bus. The bus carrying 44 people was left flipped over on the side of the road and around 100 rescuers rushed to the scene. Victims' bodies were laid out at the crash site covered in white and blue cloths, and two cranes attempted to lift the toppled bus. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Lin Chuan gave their condolences. Tsai said authorities must "make all efforts to save the injured people and properly handle the aftermath". - Safety questions - The bus was reported to be 19 years old and belonged to an agency that runs tours across Taiwan. Responding to speculation about the condition of the bus and whether it was speeding, Taipei Deputy Mayor Teng Chia-chi said police were investigating and would "report when the cause is clarified". Teng confirmed the passengers had been visiting Wuling Farm in Taichung, which is famous for cherry blossoms at this time of year. It is the worst highway accident since 1986, when a bus fell into a river in central Taiwan, killing 42, CNA reported.

So far, 77 compromised slot machines have been seized, along with a boatload of cash in various currencies. In addition, eight people have been arrested and another 14 are under judicial review. The investigation is still ongoing. While we'll be waiting to learn more about who's behind this crime ring, how they were able to hack the machines, and whether or not there will ever be an exciting movie made about it, we'll be getting our slot fix online, and only from the most reputable, licensed online casinos and software providers. Get in the fast lane, Grandma, this bingo game is ready to roll! This month, Jackpot Capital Casino players are wandering through a mysterious forest collecting fantastic bonus mushrooms. $100,000 in casino cash is hidden in the dark and eerie woods. Every Monday, Jackpot Capital will give $20,000 in casino bonuses to frequent players and another $5,000 will be randomly awarded every Friday. The Fantastic Bonuses event continues until 4 December. Jackpot Capital players earn points when they play any of the games from RealTime Gaming in its online casino or mobile casino.

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The function takes one or more previously generated numbers, possibly mixes in some other values like the number of milliseconds on the clock, performs some mathematical operations on the inputs and returns the result of the operations as the next number in the stream of random numbers. The truly correct name for the RNG is pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). The number stream generated by a PRNG satisfies many of the tests for randomness, but the number stream is not truly random. The RNGs in modern slot machines constantly generate new results and a result is locked in only after the player starts the spin. The constantly running RNG regulation came about because of an RNG cheat. Some early computer-controlled slot machines locked in the result of the next spin right after the conclusion of the current spin. The machine then sat with a result locked in waiting for a player to make a bet and reveal the result. Whenever a machine is sitting with a result locked in, it is vulnerable to being cheated. About 30 years ago, a man named Leo Weeks had knowledge of the simple RNG function used in some slots and built a small computer in a box to simulate it. The box came to be known as a Weeks Box.

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