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(AP) In a story Jan. 12 about Atlantic City casino revenue, The Associated Press misspelled the name of the general manager of the Golden Nugget casino. His name is Tom Pohlman, not Polhman. A corrected version of the story is below: Atlantic City casinos post 1st revenue hike in 10 years Internet gambling has helped Atlantic City's casinos post their first revenue increase in a decade By WAYNE PARRY Associated Press ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP) Internet gambling helped Atlantic City's casinos post their first revenue increase in a decade. Figures released Thursday by New Jersey gambling regulators show the casinos won $2.6 billion from gamblers in 2016, an increase of 1.5 percent from a year earlier. The last time Atlantic City casino revenue increased was in 2006, just as a wave of Pennsylvania casinos began opening and drawing away Atlantic City's customers. The city had 12 casinos that year; now it has seven. Only two casinos posted revenue declines during the year, in which less competition and a continuing boost from New Jersey's nation-leading online gambling industry helped Atlantic City casinos start to find a new equilibrium. It follows a brutal three year-period that saw five casinos close and 11,000 jobs lost.

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(When you voted), it was either the Democrat, or it was the devil, said Myron Lewis, a convenience store owner and native of Sandy Hook, the county seat. Lewiss father worked in the mining industry. View photos Slideshow: Scenes from the road in Donald Trumps America >>> But that loyalty has been tested in recent years. Hard hit by the recession, Elliott County didnt enjoy the recovery other parts of the country did. And in 2015, many more lost their jobs when AK Steel, one of the largest employers in the region, idled its plant in nearby Ashland. The unemployment rate in Elliott County now stands at 11 percent, more than double the national average and one of the highest in the country. Many here have to drive an hour or longer to their jobs. Let down by Barack Obama, who didnt usher in the recovery the region needed, and angry at Clintons suggestion at a CNN town hall last year that a lot of coal miners would lose their jobs in years to come, many here were intrigued by Trump who vowed create jobs and be a president for those who felt abandoned and overlooked by the rest of the country. Appalachia is this forgotten area of folks within the country.