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In any game that means any game at all do not rely on your psychic abilities to play your hand correctly or to pick a table in which to play craps, roulette, or any other game or machine. There is no such thing as a hot or a cold table. The table may have been hot, it may have been cold, but neither state can be predicted from this moment onward. Give Pai Gow Poker a chance. It is a relaxing game where you do get to make decisions on how to play your cards. A great benefit of the game is if you are confused you can ask the dealer and she will show you the house way to set your cards. In any game, be aware that decisions made by other players will not add or subtract from your expectation. There is no known order of the cards that any player is disturbing by his play; unless you are indeed psychic which I am guessing you arent. Try to cut down the number of decisions you play at every game you play.

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We chatted about quite a number of things -- compound interest, nontransitive dice, bridge, so forth -- and then we played bridge a couple times and chatted some more. Buffett's report was evidently good because [my colleague] went on to invest heavily in my hedge fund when it opened in 1969. I found Buffett to be very intelligent. Very chatty. And just an all-around interesting person. I told my wife at the time that he would one day be the richest person in the country. It probably goes without saying, but Thorp was right about Buffett. It's probably equally obvious that Buffett was right about Thorp. Thorp's hedge fund, Princeton Newport Partners, went on to earn a 19.1% average annual rate of return for two decades.

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